Natasha N

A compassionate, open-minded, and honest local government professional who is currently on a weight-loss and pain-free status journey.

Natasha N

Natasha is the Finance Manager for the Town of Beacon Falls in Connecticut by day and Founder of RightNauConsulting LLC by night. In her current Finance position, she primarily manages budgets, procurement, and grants but wears many other hats. In her consulting business, Natasha primarily writes and reviews grants, performs fiscal and risk reduction analyses, and designs websites for small businesses, fire/EMS agencies, non-profits, and local governments. Prior to these roles, she worked in Philadelphia as the Deputy Commissioner for Management within the Fire Department. Preceding that, Natasha worked as a Town Administrator in Connecticut and a Finance/HR Director in Chester County, Pennsylvania. In total, she has over eight years of experience in local government across five states. Natasha has a Masters of Public Administration from University of Delaware and a Bachelors in the same specialty from James Madison University. She is currently working toward finishing a Certificate in Accountancy.  

Natasha was in a traumatic horse accident in 2007 and has been persevering for a pain-free existence since then. She has been a lifelong volunteer of a small fire company where she was raised and enjoys hiking, listening to country music, and spending time with family and friends. Natasha is an only child by birth with divorced parents and three stepsisters. She is newly married to her wonderful husband with no kids…yet!


Topics of Expertise