My L

Mom, engineer, master-thrifter and real estate junkie.

My L

My is a mom, wife, "computer person" and the Mananging Partner of Like Family  who loves to talk about all of the joys and challenges of being that type of person.  She began her career as a software engineer and although she no longer codes all day long, she still prides herself on being the chief problem-solver at home and at work.

My has been happily married for 16 years and is the proud (and exhausted) parent to a teen and a tween.  When not parenting or working, My loves to explore thrift and antique shops - anything with history and a story intrigues her.  She also loves to work on any type of puzzle (crosswords, jigsaw, Tetris on the Nintendo Switch, etc.) and would love to hear about your interests too!


Topics of Expertise