Hala P

Hala P

Meet Hala - A mom with a interests in human services, philanthropy and women's empowerment. She is here to listen and offer knowledge about the recent news and events surrounding Palestine.


Soletia C

Administrative professional who enjoys living, working and playing in DC.

Natasha N

A compassionate, open-minded, and honest local government professional who is currently on a weight-loss and pain-free status journey.

Faith M

Patient, witty, open-minded, energetic, easygoing, compassionate, and empathetic listener.

Sarah C

Start-up CEO, mom, master DIY-er and former collegiate athlete.

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Carl L

Friendly, kind, fitness-focused toddler dad and IT professional

My L

Mom, engineer, master-thrifter and real estate junkie.

Jeremy W

Extroverted Air Force veteran, IT leader, public speaker and career mentor.

Will M

Full time cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur.

Daniel D

World traveler and tourism expert with a background in political and public affairs.