I'd like to learn more about Like Family

What is Like Family?

Like Family is a service that connects you with a friendly and empathetic Like Family Visitor to have a conversation on any topic(s) of your choosing. These visits are virtual and use Google Meet video conferencing technology.

Is Like Family right for me?

We all have things in our lives that would be great to discuss with someone who can provide insights. Whether you are just wanting to just connect with a friendly person and have a great conversation or you want to have a targeted conversation about a specific topic, we are here to connect you with the right Like Family Visitor.

Why are you called Like Family?

Here at Like Family, we believe in community. We believe that we have more in common than what separates us. We're all in this together - striving, succeeding, failing, rebuilding, struggling, mourning, celebrating and growing. When we say we're Like Family, we mean you too! We're here for you, and hope to make your life better with our service. We're Like Family (but without the awkward conversation at Thanksgiving Dinner about politics)!

I'm still not sure...

Then have a Virtual Visit on the house! Use code FIRSTFREE to give it a try for free.

What is a Virtual Visit?

A Virtual Visit is a 30-minute conversation with a Like Family Visitor, conducted over Google Meet. Topics of discussion during your Virtual Visit are of your choosing and can range from having conversations about specific hobbies, interests or life experiences to not having a topic in mind at all and seeing where the conversation takes you! During the booking process, you will be asked a few questions that will help us tailor the conversation to what you are looking for.

Will my conversation be private?

All Like Family Visitors are expected to fill out a post-Virtual Visit summary after the call. The summary consists of general information about how the call went and how we can improve our services to you. The details about your conversation will be kept private between you and your Like Family Visitor, however, there are a few situations where the Visitor may be required to report details beyond the visit summary:

  • Situations where the Like Family Visitor becomes aware that you or someone you know may be in danger.

How do I join a Virtual Visit?  Do I need special equipment?

Like Family uses Google Meet to facilitate our Virtual Visits. Once you book a Virtual Visit, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Google Meet session. At the time of the Visit, click the link to join the meeting and follow any pop-up instructions to enable your computer microphone and camera. You do not need to have a Google/Gmail account or install any software to join the Virtual Visit. To participate in a Virtual Visit, you should join from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop that has a webcam and audio. If you’d like to test your setup prior to booking a Virtual Visit, just email

What kind of things would I discuss in a Virtual Visit?

We pride ourselves in having a team of friendly and diverse Visitors who have had full and interesting life experiences. They’ll be able to speak to pretty much anything that interests you. Our Visitors will be matched to you according to who can discuss your interests the most aptly. Below are some examples of what you could talk to your Like Family Visitor about, but feel free to ask for something off the list! We love a good challenge. Academia, Acting, Animation, Anime, Application Development, Art, Bicycling, Birdwatching, Careers (of all sorts), Coaching, Coffee, Cooking, Engineering, Entertaining, Entrepreneurialism, Family Life, Fashion, Fitness, Foreign Languages, Leadership, Media Arts and Design, Mentoring, Military, Mixology, Movies, Music, Nature, News, Nursing, Outdoors, Pets, Politics, Pop Culture, Practice Job Interview, Practice Presentation, Project Management, Public Service, Reading, Running, Self-Care, Senior Care, Sports, Standup Comedy, Teaching, Technology, Traveling, TV, Video Gaming, Videography, Volunteerism, Wellness, Work-life Balance, Writing.

What if I have an issue with my Virtual Visit?

If you are unhappy with your experience or encounter technical difficulties during the Visit, please contact us at so that we can make it right. To prevent issues, please feel free to test your setup prior to booking a Virtual Visit, by emailing

How am I matched with a Like Family Visitor?

If you choose the Match Me! option we will ask a couple questions that will help us understand what you are hoping to get out of the Virtual Visit. Your answers help us match you with the most appropriate Visitor for you.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We do our best to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. To request a refund, please contact us at with an explanation of the situation. To respect our Visitors and the time and energy they take to prepare for a Virtual Visit, we request that all cancellations requests are submitted more than one hour ahead of the scheduled Virtual Visit. Cancellation requests can be done by clicking on the Cancel/Change Appointment button in your confirmation email or by contacting

Who are the Like Family Visitors?

Our Like Family Visitors are folks from all walks of life who possess the wonderful and rare combination of being knowledgeable in a wide array of topics, are great conversationalists, and want to connect with others in an effort to build community. They come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds and they apply the knowledge they have learned throughout their lives and careers to add value to yours. They are kind, empathetic, and friendly. Book a Virtual Visit today to see what makes our Like Family Visitors so unique.

How are Like Family Visitors vetted?

Our Like Family Visitors go through an extensive interview process and holistic background check. We run them through multiple trainings and practice Virtual Visits until we feel they are ready and confident to connect with you.

Will my Visitor always be an expert in the conversation topic?

We try our best to align what topics you’d like covered with a Visitor that can speak to the topic. That being said, there may be occasions where you are more knowledgeable in your topic than the Visitor. Connecting people is our top priority and discussing your favorite topic with someone who is interested in learning from you is a great way to enjoy our service. If it is critical to your enjoyment to speak with an expert, please indicate so in the booking process and understand that it may take longer to schedule your booking.

I'm interested in becoming a Visitor. How do I apply?

That’s great! The first step is emailing us at A Like Family representative will be in contact with you within 3 business days to explain the application process. All of our Visitors are expected to be able to pass a background check, have all the necessary equipment to conduct a Virtual Visit (Webcam, audio, a quiet space to conduct a call and a presentable background), and be incredible conversationalists. Contact us to learn more!